The New Standard

Join Our Team Alliant Environmental is striving to be the new standard for environmental engineering, consulting and management service providers. The best Quality, Service, Value, and Cost are just a few of the metrics which we intend to redefine.

In today's market quality is expected and it's a must for success. Clients have a multitude of choices when looking for environmental engineering and consulting services. Alliant Environmental is dedicated to providing high quality, cost-effective services to all of our clients.

Alliant Environmental has a qualified team of experienced professionals capable of responding to the needs of our clients at all times. Personnel at Alliant Environmental are very responsive to client needs. We understand that clients have individual needs relative to project schedules, report layouts, special areas of concern, cost, and levels of effort. Alliant Environmental expends extra effort to make sure the needs of our clients are met.

Cost effectiveness is not the only measure of value in the environmental engineering and consulting service industry. The ability to advise our clients on future legislative trends, as well as identifying opportunities for clients to minimize costs across facilities and future planning, are just a few way we go above and beyond to provide value to our clients. Alliant Environmental professionals remain current with state and federal regulations. We actively participate in legislative and rule making process and our experience allows us to evaluate current legislation and to anticipate future regulatory trends to assist in positioning our clients to their best advantage. Liability and risk are not confined to environmental concerns as they appear to regulators today, but continue for years into the future.

We believe in getting it right the first time and to ensure that we meet these expectations, all our proposals come with a Project Cost Guarantee. If we get it wrong, we'll pay to fix it. Furthermore, Alliant Environmental believes that you don't have to be large to see the benefits of Labor Rate and Volume Discounts. We provide our quality services at already discounted rates and offer clients volume discounts that add additional value and cost effectiveness to their projects.

At Alliant Environmental we believe in getting it right the first time. Our proposals are prepared with the understanding that this is the cost for us to complete the work, end of story!

Projects are dynamic in nature and too many times they "develop" as they progress. Most times, these changes have little impact on the environmental attributes. However, this predictable characteristic affords many companies the opportunity to capture additional dollars for their efforts. Too many companies operate with the pretense to win the work and capture additional revenue through change orders and project changes. We believe that if we put the time in and prepare a fair cost estimate, then there will be not need for a change of scope. This is such a fundamental belief that we are proud to offer a Project Cost Guarantee! Our proposal cost is what we'll do the work for. Forget about nickel and dime items, it takes time and money to track, document, and negotiate these cost items. Often, this effort results in more costs and time than it would be to complete the tasks to begin with. Additionally, the project budget becomes impacted; your focus and your contractor's time and effort are not focused on the task at hand, completing the project on time and on budget.

Let Alliant Environmental win your work with our prices and gain your trust and confidence with our service.