Company OverviewAl*li"ant\, n. An ally; a confederate.
Alliant Environmental, LLC is a full service environmental engineering and consulting company and was founded with the belief that there is a better way of providing environmental services. Our principals have worked for both extremes of the consulting business, large engineering firms (>25,000 FTE) and small engineering firms (<15 FTE). We’ve seen the services, resources, costs and management of both. We believe we can harness the best of both and provide it in a cost effective and efficient company. Imagine the resources of a large firm with the service and personal attention of a small firm. Add the benefit of low costs and you have the making of something special.

At Alliant Environmental it is our goal to become the New Standard for your environmental engineering and consulting services. We do not want to be a leader in our industry, like other firms, we’re striving to be the standard to which they are compared.(Read more)
Our Principals

Our principals are seasoned professionals with real world operational acumen.